Any injury to your child is frightening.  We will be there to assist you with any dental emergencies you may encounter.  If your child is experiencing a dental problem, never hesitate to call us. Some common problems you may encounter are:

  • Head injury – If your child has experienced a significant blow to the head or neck area they should be evaluated by a medical doctor.  If they are experiencing any dizziness, loss of consciousness, vomiting, lapse in memory, or sleepiness, call 911 or take them to the emergency room immediately.
  • Baby tooth knocked out – Baby teeth can be easily avulsed (knocked out).  DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN. Call our office and we will evaluate the area and the avulsed tooth.  In most cases further treatment is not necessary.
  • Knocked out permanent tooth – Find the tooth as quickly as possible.  Holding it by the crown gently remove any dirt or debris from the root with water or saliva.  DO NOT scrub it with a brush or use any type of soap. Once the root is free of debris it should be replanted into the socket ASAP.  Time is the most critical factor to a successful reimplantation. Once reinserted, have the patient bite down firmly on gauze or a soft rag to fully seat the tooth and hold it in place and CALL US IMMEDATELY.  If you are unable to reseat the tooth, transport it in a cup of cold milk.
  • Toothache – If your child complains of a mouth pain inspect the area they are pointing to and look for obvious causes such as impacted food, loose baby tooth, or a canker sore.  If no obvious cause is visible, call our office for an appointment and evaluation. Brush and floss the area thoroughly and give Tylenol/Motrin as needed.
  • Fractured tooth – If a tooth is fractured call the office immediately for evaluation.  We will assess the tooth and discuss restorative options with you. If you have the chipped piece, save it in milk and bring it with you.
  • Abscess – If you notice swelling or drainage call the office immediately.  Any swelling should be evaluated and treated quickly.